360° Rotate Kitchen Tap

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Incredible one-touch switching nozzle

This 360° Rotate Kitchen Tapmakes your life easier and more convenient for your washing needs.

An incredible faucet spray head to make your dishwashing task betterand effortlessly.

A revolutionary faucet nozzle sprayer to saves energy cost & usage.GRAB IT NOW!


  • Water-saving device for easy multi-angle cleaning.
  • It comes with rubber attachment to ensure leakage-free.
  • 3 switching modes to select & easy to install.
  • Extremely durable 100% hassle-free & long-lasting.
  • Suitable for most round taps to increase water pressure.
  • Great kitchen accessory for every home must-have.


  • Material: ABS + stainless steel + silicone
  • Size: 8.5*2.3*5.3*2.4CM
  • Weight: 80g

Package Included:

1 pc x 360° Rotate Kitchen Tap


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