Burger Patty Maker

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It makes it easier than ever to make delicious stuffed burgers every time!✨

Are you in the mood of making a juicy, delicious homemade DIY hamburger?
No more craving for your favorite hamburgers now! Introducing our Burger Patty Maker you can make delicious burgers at home anytime.

No longer do you need to go out to get the perfect burger. With this burger press simply fill each side with ground beef, place whatever cheese, vegetables, or goodness that you'd like stuffed inside the burger, and then press each side together to complete your stuffed burger.

This grill press is just the right size for stuff burgers and does a good job. Throw a backyard BBQ party and impress your buddies with delicious burgers. A perfect place for stuffing!


  • HEALTHY & SAFE: This patty maker is solid, sturdy & made a perfect indentation in the patty. It is made of heavy-duty durable BPA-free nonstick plastic material, healthy and non-toxic, very convenient to live a healthy life.

  • DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Our hamburger has detachable feet for easy cleaning. Very durable for making your own burger, Designed to make your burger patties the same shape and thickness.

  • ULTIMATE TOOL: The ultimate tool for burger lovers. Perfect for your home, grill parties, camping, barbecue, and great for making black bean burgers, salmon burgers, and other alternatives.

  • 3 EASY STEPS: Making one with your favorite ingredients is super-easy to do. Just press, stuff press and you're ready to cook. Designed to make burgers better than ever, this innovative tool shapes perfect meat patties. Make every bite infused with flavor.

  • FUN & CREATIVE: Perfect tool any time for a great snack. Good and heavy great size allows for different size burgers to be made then stuffs them with your favorite savory fillings. In a few quick steps, you can have a customized stuffed burger ready to grill for kids, family, and friends.

  • INNOVATIVE & MULTIFUNCTIONAL: It’s perfect for all sorts of burgers, from juicy beef to succulent chicken, turkey, or lamb. An innovative tool for making burgers stuffed with fillings such as cheese, bacon, vegetables, and chili peppers. Excellent for regular burgers, stuffed burgers, and sliders.


  • Material: Food grade ABS

  • Size-Black:12.5*12.5*6cm

  • Weight-Black:174g

Package Included: 

1 pc x Burger Patty Maker

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