6-In-1 Multi Opener

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✨Struggle no more with the opening of Cans!

No more hasslein finding different tools, Now! Perfect for those suffering from Arthritis or Neuropathy. 

This 6-in-1 Multi Opener is a wonderful device where you can open six different types of seals, lids, bags, safety seals, pull rings, caps, and can lids. A single tool can open bigger jar lids and very small bottle caps, which is a perfect feature instead of having multiple tools in your kitchen pantry.

This tool is an amazing jar opener, very compact made of good quality. You will enjoy the feature of having multiple opening options in a single tool. A hidden blade that contains a zippered open pocket. An amazing kitchen tool for your everyday use!

This unique opener is an excellent Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tool that is great for people with arthritis,  neuropathy, the elderly, or anyone with weak hand strength. This unique opener is also extremely sturdy with a durable rubber coating for a secure and comfortable grip.

Enjoy this trouble-free multi-opener, it's a must-have tool in the kitchen. Easily tear, pull, turn, and twist anything you desire and open the seals and covers effortlessly. Here's what this amazing tool can do for you!


  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: A great addition to your kitchen tool collection. Each part has a function to open such as the small circle on the top is best for the opening of soda bottles and beer bottles; the large one is for the jar and the center section removes safety seal tabs. The hook on top pulls open tabs on cans, & the Built-In Blade is perfect for slicing sealed bags open.

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: From now, you do not need somebody’s help if you have arthritis. This tool is a good helper for your household duties, it has a strong grip handle that is great for children, elderly, and arthritis sufferers. This makes opening any lid a breeze.

  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Enables it to break hard-to-grasp safety seals, open metal bottle tops, can ring pulls as well as stiff jar lids. The soft grip coating allows for superior comfort during use.

  • PRACTICAL & PORTABLE: Never again get frustrated or hung and drooled by your favorite chips and sodas that you cannot open. Experience comfort and hassle-free travel, picnics, hangouts even nightlife that grooves. You can bring this portable opener with you whenever and wherever!

  • PERFECT GIFT: A good gift for your mother, wife, which will let her easily solve the sturdiest bottles and jars. this opener is among Essential Aids TRENDING PRODUCTS.


Material: PP + TPR + 2CR12 alloy stainless steel
Size: 8.5 x 5.13 x 3.75 inches
Weight: 99g (3 3/4oz).

Package Included: 

1 pc x 6-In-1 Multi Opener

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