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2 IN 1 Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

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2 in 1 Easy Chainsaw Chain Sharpener is a manual chain grinding tool. It helps improve the efficiency of chainsaw work.

A practical toolfor quickly sharpening. GET YOURS NOW and sharpened any chain in a single step!


  • The tool can quickly and easily sharpen any chain.
  • Optimized shape for more precise guiding.
  • Practical tool for quickly sharpening the tooth and depth gauge.
  • Both sides of the sharpening stone with handle design.
  • Easy to operate┬áthat allows the user to operate directly on the chainsaw, without accidentally hurting the finger.
  • The tool can make your saw chain more sharp and easy to use.
  • Just rub it back and forth manuallyto make your chain smooth and shiny again.
  • Suitable for any size of the chainsaw.


  • Material: bearing steel
  • File diameter: 4.8mm
  • Item size: 380 * 60 * 25mm / 14.96 * 2.36 * 0.98in
  • Item weight: 350g / 12.35ounce
  • Package size: 380 * 60 * 25mm / 14.96 * 2.36 * 0.98in
  • Package Weight: 350g / 12.35ounce

 Package Included:

  • 1 x┬á2 IN 1 Chainsaw Chain Sharpener


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