2 in 1 E-Charge Wallet

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Never Be Without Power Again!

Say goodbye for dead battery in the middle of nowhere!

2 in 1 E-Charge Walletis your powerful solution for emergency incidents while you're on the go.

Keeping you protected, comfortable and prepared every time, everywhere.

Bring it to your daily life. GRAB IT NOW!


  • Made of accordion design, organize cards & cash.
  • Stylish & unique aluminum case multifunctional wallet.
  • Works with all smartphones makes life easier.
  • High capacity rechargeable power & RFID protects against theft.
  • Very lightweight& great helper wallet power bank.


  • Material: plastic

  • Battery capacity:1800mah

Package Included:

1 pc x 2 in 1 E-Charge Wallet 


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