2 in 1 Hand Grip Tile Cutter

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Cutting Glass Or Tiles Effortlessly!

Say goodbye to old grinders!

With this 2 in 1 Hand Grip Tile Cutter, you can do your task with ease and convenience.

You can cut precisely andinstantly with no harm and mess.

You can cut glass or tiles anytimein just seconds. GRAB YOURS NOW!


  • Handle made of durable for excellent cutting.
  • Slip-free and cuts hard objects easily.
  • Convenient & portable to carry everywhere.
  • Multifunctional use for home & work.
  • Perfect for DIY crafting projects, cutting glass, marbles, and etc.


  • Material: Steel

  • Weight: 0.5kg

  • Size:

Package Included:

1 pc x  2 in 1 Hand Grip Tile cutter


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