360° Nibble Metal Cutting Tools

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Transform Your Drill On A Snap!

Excellent cutting& sawing effect!

From a basic drill turns into a powerful sheet metal cutter!

360° Nibble Metal Cutting Tools is a perfect drill attachment for effortless cutting.

Power tool accessories for cutting perfectly. GRAB IT NOW!


  • Made of ergonometric design & durable for ultimate comfort.
  • Convenient to use & capable of straight and curve cutting direction.
  • Adjustable and compact size, quick & easy to operate.
  • Perfect for car repair, metal sheet production, etc.
  • Suitable for cutting objects such as plastic, steel, copper & more.


  • Material: Metal

  • Main body size: 130*60mm(Dia*H)

  • Cutting capacity:

                     - Steel plate: 1.8mm or less
                     - Stainless steel plate: 1.2mm or less
                     - Copper/aluminum plate: 2mm or less
                     - Plastic/fiber plate: 2mm or less
                     - Speed: 1500-3000rpm/min

Package Included:

1x Wrench
1x Adapter


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