4 PC Gas Stove Cooker Protectors

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A Simple Solution To Stay Clean As Always!

Fed up of cleaning your stove?

This Gas Stove Cooker Protectors is simply awesome protection & keeping a mess-free kitchen.

An effective way of keeping your stovetop neat, gloss& to clean up effortlessly.

A simple solution to PROTECT your stove as always. GRAB IT TODAY!


  • High-quality Teflon material & temperature -70-260℃, up to 380C.
  • 100% fire-proof, non-stick covers & wipe off the leftovers with ease.
  • Splatters & spills heat resistance fully reusable.
  • Anti-corrosion function & ensure a longer life.
  • Easily adjust to fit virtually all gas hobs.


  • Material: Glass-fiber

  • Size: Approx. 270 x 270mm/10.6 x 10.6inch

  • Weight 99.8 g


Package Included:

4 pcs x Gas Stove Cooker Protectors


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