5 PC Universal Terminal Connector

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Never Fall Off The Connection Again!

Practical connector flexible and solid conductors!

Connects wires with a SNAP so easy and effortless wiring connections.

Make the job much easier and neater!Wide range terminal connector widely applied to building wiring.

Get the most out of life & never fall off the connection again NOW!


  • Faster & more reliable for a variety of electrical wiring combinations.
  • Durable insulating material,long-lasting, no corrosion 100% against electrical shock.
  • Transparent & safe to see a reusable connector,hassle-free.
  • Perfect for machine wirings, removable connections.
  • Ideal for compact and complex applications.


  • Material Insulation: Modified nylon(PA66)
  • Contact material: Phosphor copper
  • Wire Cross section:0.08~2.5mm2(single hardwire) 0.08~4mm2(multi soft wire)
  • Strip length: 9 - 10mm
  • Rated Current:32A
  • Rated power: 7KW
  • Gauge:28~12AWG

Package Included:

5 pcs x Universal Terminal Connector

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