6 PC Anti-Radiation Stickers

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Radiation Is Everywhere!

An anti-radiation shieldfor any gadget to protects you from harm and danger.

Makes a healthy lifestyle!With this Anti-Radiation Stickerseffectively blocks 99% electromagnetic radiation.

A powerful sticker solution for health problems caused by radiation.

Protect your family, protect yourself NOW!


  • Made of magnetic negative ions neutralize positive ions (EMF/EMR), reduce the damage to a human brain.
  • It makes life better for safety & protection with this EMR shield, risk-free.
  • Effective protectors,more energetic & stress-free, you become more productive.
  • Slim & cool design can be used in a widely range of electronic devices.
  • These stickers will sparkle in the light,a good decoration too.
  • It's a small piece of sticker but it's a must for everyone.


  • Material: Flim

  • sIZW: 4.5 x 3 x 0.5 inches

  • Weight 0.023 kg

Package Included:

6 pcs x Anti-Radiation Stickers

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