Adjustable Circle Cutter Drill Bit

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Hole Drilling Makes Perfect!

A must-have toolfor woodworking!

This Adjustable Circle Cutter Drill Bit is perfect for your DIY woodworking makes drilling effortlessly.

Effectively creates a hole in the workpiece with a pilot drill bit to makes a circle with ease.

Great for making smooth cuts & perfect hole. GRAB YOURS NOW!


  • Made of carbon steel material 100% wear-resistant & durable.
  • Heavy-duty woodworking & adjustable 2 sharp blades,free to control.
  • Multifunction, convenient and replaceable cutting blade.
  • Excellent & widely used on materials including wood, composite, sheet metal and more.
  • Suitable for any variable speed drill. Sharp cutting, easy to operate.


  • Material: Carbide Steel

  • Size

                  30-120MM : 21cM x 16cm x 1.8cm
                  30-200MM : 27cM x 18cm x 1.8cm

                  30-300MM : 36cM x 19.5cm x 1.8cm

  • Weight 499 g

Package Included:

1 pc x Adjustable Circle Cutter Drill Bit


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