Agricultural Sprinkler Nozzle

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New Innovative Nozzle To Blast Away Dirt!

Discover this multi-function Agricultural Sprinkler Nozzle less cumbersome to drag from garden to garden. It's simply perfect.

Designed for your ultimate comfort and can use in a wide range to save you time and energy.

A powerful and revolutionary nozzleto blast away dirt effectively & effortlessly.

The best nozzle that meets your needs. GET YOURS NOW!


  • Made of high efficiency, ergonometric grip for convenience.
  • Installed and operated quickly & easily.
  • Effortlessly to clean yards with ease.
  • Suitable for watering lawns, yards, roof or cleaning, etc.


  • Material: Plastic

  • Size:

                3, Length * width 20 * 5cm pipe diameter 2.4cm
                4, Length * width 27 * 5cm pipe diameter 2.4cm
                5, Length * width 35 * 5cm pipe diameter 2.4cm
                6, Length * width 35 * 5cm pipe diameter 2.4cm

Package Included:

1 pc x Agricultural Sprinkler Nozzle


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