15pcs Diamond Coated Drill Bits Set

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✨Easily Drill Holes with no Effort!

Do you need something to drill a hole without any ifs and buts? NOW you can cut holes with ease and conveniently!

Introducing our 15pcs Diamond Coated Drill Bits Set tool that is exactly what you need! Smoothly drill holes into anything. No need for sanding and it won't crack or chip glass. Perfect for your DIY projects!

The Diamond Coated Drill Bits Set is made of industrial-grade carbon steel with the nickel-plated coated body to resist corrosion. A thick diamond coating on the top offers superior cutting strength and maximum drilling performance.

It's unique circular shape design,can be used with a standard electric drill and allows you to drill in the perfect hole every single time.


  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of an electroplated diamond. Durable & wear-resistant for optimum performance, and long service life.

  • EASY TO USE:Can be used for making clean and precise holes on glass, tile, or ceramics. It makes the drilling process easier.

  • SHARP & EFFECTIVE:It has a smooth and exact finish that lowers the incision resistance, increasing the sharpness of the bit, and the effectiveness of the cooling water.

  • FAST with Zero-chipping:These drill bits can be installed on any drill such as your regular standard electric, professional, or even a bench drill. Offering superior cutting strength for maximum drilling outcomes.


  • WIDELY USE:Suitable for drilling holes in glass, ceramics, floor tiles, and more. It can get you through many jobs with precision and consistency.


    • Material: Diamond galvanized
    • Diameter Range: 6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/25/26/28/30/40/50mm


    Package Included:

    • 15pcs x  Diamond Coated Drill Bits Set

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