Spray and Wipe Screen Cleaner

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Perfectly Clean In A Jiffy!

Say goodbye for scratches!

The number one solution for your gadgets protects against dust & dirt.

Spray and Wipe Screen Cleaner is a multipurpose screen cleaning that kills 99% of germs and bacteria.

Clean the screen or your phone in an instant. GRAB IT NOW!


  • Made of anti-static formulaeffectively cleans.
  • Non-toxic, ammonia-free and 100% streak-free.
  • Convenient to use, spray & clean safely.
  • Ultimate protection for any device.
  • Portable to carry & store easily on travel, pockets & so on.


  • Material: Plastic and a Fiber cloth

  • Size: 87*30*30mm

  • Weight: 50g


Package Included:

1 pc x Spray and Wipe Screen Cleaner


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