Essential Axis™ Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Do you have trouble falling asleep and waking up tired regularly?

Do you suffer from fatigue and headaches from daily screen time? 

Protect your eyes from harmful UV Rays and computer radiation with these blue light blocking eyeglasses that fit your style! 😎

Wearing protective gear ensures your eyesight’s health and keeps you from experiencing vision fatigue from staring at your computer screen all day. This product even comes in many styles that you can choose from, including colors and frames. Now, you don’t have to be bothered about exhausting your eyes too often as you have spectacles that ease your worries away.



From improving your sleep to maximizing your focus, the benefits of Essential Axis™ Blue Light Blocking Glasses will drastically improve your quality of life.

✅  Sleep Better at Night - Exposure to high rate blue light can impact your circadian rhythm and wreck your internal clock, causing insomnia. Wearing  BluShield™ blue light filter glasses will  improve your sleep, helping you to sleep deeper and wake up refreshed!

✅ Perfect Protection - Our glasses’  hard lenses are made with ultra thin layers with the following characteristics:

Essential Axis™ lenses have a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of time indoors and are exposed to the blue-violet and LED light of digital devices like smartphones, TVs, and tablets.


We live totally surrounded by screens, spending almost nine hours a day, on average, in front of digital devices. All these devices emit blue light, and since our eyes aren’t protected against this overexposure, the light can be detrimental. Potential side effects are

❌ Headaches

❌ Digital eye strain

❌ Blurry vision

❌ Physical & mental fatigue

❌ Poor sleep

❌ Stiff necks

❌ Long-term retina damage

❌ Potential vision loss

Product Specifications:



  • What's the difference between LCD vs HD lens?

LCD (low color distortion, top) = designed for general daily usage e.g. <4hrs a day, colour sensitive work (e.g. photoshop, graphics design etc). Best if you want a good level of protection while looking good.

HD (heavy duty, bottom)= perfect for extended usage e.g. <8hrs a day, intense gaming sessions, watch a lot movies, or people who do a lot of excel work. It's great if you want the best protection and you don't mind the lens being a bit yellow.

  • How can I test the glasses online?

Unfortunately it’s not possible - these online tests are designed for orange colored sleep glasses only. Orange glasses work by removing the entire blue spectrum, turning your entire vision orange. Our blue light shield (and computer glasses in general) are designed to block out the most harmful part of the light spectrum and let through the less harmful rays to reduce color distortion so you can see near normal colors.

As the high-energy rays blocked are close to UV spectrums, they are barely visible to the naked eyes and it doesn't react visibly with the online tests. We lab test all our products, but if you really want to test yourself, the best way would be to shine a blue laser through the lens.

  • Non-Magnified vs Magnified?

These glasses are non-magnified computer glasses, they are best suited for people with healthy eyes.

Magnified reading glasses are specifically design for middle to old age people with presbyopia (diopter strength range from +1.0 to +3.0). They are great gift ideas for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who requires reading glasses for their iPads/tablets, computers, TVs etc.

  • Is there an adjustment period?

For most people these glasses will work right out of the box. For a small number of people it may take a while to get used to them especially if you're not used to wearing glasses before, during this adjusting period you may experience discomfort or headaches.

We recommend trying the glasses for a week or two and see if things improves. Also don't forget to take breaks every 20 mins or so, and let your eyes rest in a dark area (if possible) to minimize eyestrain!

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